Full Highlights or Partial Highlights from Long Islands Best

Any Great Long Island hair stylist will tell you, a change in your hair color can give a huge impact on your overall appearance. However, you do not have to dye your hair completely since getting hair highlights is a popular choice. If you are torn between getting full highlights or partial highlights, you can take your pick if you fully understand what these terms mean.

The difference between these two is essentially as simple as they sound. Full highlights mean that hair is colored all over the person’s head in an even way. Typically, this is done to break up one-dimensional or flat hair color. It is not rare for highlights to be applied in two various shades with one being darker or lighter than the base depending on the preference of the individual. If you wish to have a dimensional hair color in the end, go for full highlights that have a particular shade darker than the base color. This is actually more preferred because the results are natural looking.

Meanwhile, partial highlights in general are used to accentuate a feature or to draw attention to a certain style. In other cases, people get partial highlights to present their own element. This is especially true if there are bolder techniques used in highlighting the hair. If you just had a simple haircut, you can enhance your new look with partial highlights.

One method of highlighting hair is through foil. Most salons use 40 foils for full highlights while partial highlights require only 20 foils. Clearly, partial highlights are less expensive than full highlights.

Getting highlights will not only make your hair striking but will also complement your skin tone. Whether you want to cover up those irritating gray hairs or you simply want to underline your feisty hairdo, highlights can give you the satisfaction you call for. Even though you admire your natural hair color, it is always nice to go for something new from time to time.