3630-jacks-first-haircutWell, the day has officially arrived; your baby has awoken and you notice that his or her cute little curls are hanging precariously in their eyes. You’ve brushed it back, used a bit of water, but still the hair hangs over. That’s the moment you realize that your formerly infant child is ready for their first haircut. Many parents question what the rage age is for a child’s first haircut, but the honest answer is it varies.

The age of a child’s first haircut will vary greatly depending on the child and their hair type. Children may require their first haircut anywhere from 8 months to about 2 years old. Many parents make the decision to forgo the cut as long as possible, but at the end of the day, if you choose to cut your babies hair earlier no damage will be done. Hair should, however, be cut if it is getting in the child’s eyes or if the hair is fraying at the ends. Split ends are damage whether they are on the head of babes or on an adult’s hair.While a child’s haircut only takes a few minutes those first couple of times it can be a harrowing experience. Before you head down call ahead to the salon and ask which stylist has the most experience with babies. Not all stylists can deal with a screeching child, and that’s okay, but you’ll want to find one who has experience and patience with your child.

Bring the baby in a bit early and ask the stylist to introduce him or her to all the tools (Except the scissors!). This will ease the little one into the process and make it just a bit easier to get through. Once your stylist is done your child’s hair should be ready to go.