permTired of your hair? Perms are a great option for those who want beautiful, volume filled hair for a long time. However, the process can often be damaging in some ways and people hesitate to get a perm knowing it can damage their own hair. Here’s all you need to know and understand about the possible damage:

  1. Chemicals:
    The two hour process involves chemicals, which is the only part that can damage your hair. Because it is a chemical process that changes the bonds in your hair, those whose hair is dyed need to avoid a perm because of the chemicals it requires that can mess with your color. People with thick hair often have better success with perms as well.
  2. Health:
    If your hair is healthy before doing a perm, your hair will not be as damaged after the perm. If you have avoided brushing your hair and have a smooth texture to it with hardly any split ends, your hair will also be easier to perm and prevent terrible damage. If you have unhealthy hair from the start, avoid doing the process until your hair is fine.
  3. How to prevent from further damage after a perm:
    It is very important to take care of a perm precisely and as often as possible. Use special hair care products designer to keep your heir healthy after a perm. Use a wide toothed comb as well to prevent from your hair ruining the curls you have. Also trim your hair every 6-8 weeks and always air dry your hair for it to look good and not dry up into a frizz ball.

A perm can be a great option for healthy hair! Keep these tips in mind when deciding whether or not you want a great perm done too.