french-plaitThere are many classy braided hairstyles that allow women to have a stylish look without coming to the Hairsay salon. The most popular and easiest of them all is the French braid. This braid works great for all hair types and is easy enough that you can do it on your own hair. Sometimes called the French plait, this simultaneously braid is taking a traditional three strands of hair and braiding. The objective is to continually add hair from both sides. Simultaneously adding the hair from both sides and pulling it tight against the scalp gives a super look of a tight and stylish braid.

Another common braid that is easy to do is the fishtail. This braid does not have the nice and neat appearance that the French braid fishtail-braid-diane-kruger1does; rather it looks a little more relaxed. This braid is super-hot and Hollywood and the rich and famous love to sport this do. The braid starts with two sections and then splits off into several. To spice up this fishtail hairstyle try weaving colorful ribbons or adding a flower to the finished product.