Ten Top Expert Tips For Acing Your Wedding Hair. 

Every bride should feel nothing short of heart-thumping gratitude and affection for her stylist on her big day. Here’s the secret to great wedding-day hair: Work it all out in rehearsal.

1. Pace yourself. Schedule your hair trial three months before the wedding. If you book it too early in the planning process, changing trends or chronic indecision could lead to second-guessing.

2) Plan a night out the evening of your trial to make sure the style doesn’t fall out after an hour—or two minutes—of carousing.

3) Wash and dry your hair beforehand to avoid spending the majority of your trial getting a blowout.

4) Wear makeup. You’ll be staring at yourself for a few self-critical hours, so put your best face forward. If you can, schedule your makeup trial to happen right before.

5) Bring visuals. Sharing a private Facebook album or a Pinterest board of snapshots—anything from a photo of you in your dress to the flowers you’ll be carrying—with your stylist for aesthetic guidance.

6) Don’t bring a posse. Ask your mother, your MOH, or a friend whose opinion you trust to come with you. Too many voices create chaos.

7) See what works. Don’t forget the hair accessories (veil, comb, etc.) you plan on wearing so you can experiment with them. Take photos of each hairstyle (expect to try out three options) from different angles.

8) Pay attention. Jot down a list of the products being used so you can buy miniatures of everything for your day-of kit.

9) Be explicit about what you want. When something goes awry on the wedding day, it’s usually because the bride was reticent. Speak up—just remember to say please.

10) Be you and let your style reflect your essence and personality.

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