How to Get the Perfect Red Hair Shade for Light Skin Tones.

If you are not sure of your skin tone, ask a professional for their view. They’ll advise you on your coloring and what red hair shades will and won’t work for you.For blondes or those who want a subtle red shade, try a strawberry blonde shade. This works great with pale skin tones as it won’t overpower your coloring. Keep your color choice on the lighter side. Dark reds will wash out your skin coloring, so opt for the subtler reds such as terra-cottas. Light brunettes and dark blondes can add a hint of red that will blend with their natural hair and give a slight but noticeable boost to their hair color.Remember a little bit of red goes a long way. To ease yourself into the realm of red, try adding red hair color via highlights.Stick to the warmer shades of red. Deep violet reds won’t work, so choose warmer, softer reds.red hair shade light skin tone