Kate Middleton finally wore a tiara again!

The Duchess of Cambridge attended the Diplomatic Reception on Tuesday night, rolling up to Buckingham Palace in a Bentley wearing a sparkly diamond and pearl tiara. A bespoke Alexander McQueen dress along with matching earrings complemented the royal jewels. The last time Kate stepped out in a tiara was for her wedding in 2011.

The jeweled crown, thought to be the Papyrus Tiara purchased by King George VI in 1936, was reportedly loaned to Kate by Queen Elizabeth II, and originally belonged to the Queen’s mother before being lent to Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister. While such a flashy, albeit beautiful, show of her princess status isn’t really part of Kate’s style aesthetic, tiaras are actually obligatory for state banquets. So Kate basically had no choice but to look the part of a princess.