Supermodel Karli Kloss dazzles us with her gorgeous Babylights at the Cannes Film Festival. What are they and how do you get them?  Babylights are part of  list of new highlighting techniques like balayage, splashlights, ombre and sombre.  But what makes them different? They are a subtle and delicate highlight using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the uber-natural, dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair.  The result is organic and very beautiful!

How is it done?  The process is quite similar to highlights, the only difference is the amount of hair in each foil and the separation in-between. For babylights, you use just a little bit of hair and use tiny separations between the foils – so the highlights practically blend in with the base color.

Babylights are low-maintenance.  Since the highlights are so fine, as the hair grows out, the overall style looks softer, more subtle, and there is no heavy line of separation.  A full head should be touched up 8 -10 weeks and sporadic pieces can be touched up 12-16 weeks.

Babylights can be applied to any haircolor or hair type.  The process can be done in any shade to match any skin tone.  While the effects on blondes is indeed gorgeous, brunettes and redheads can get wonderful results babylighting as well!

The process is simple, but it’s very time-consuming and involves only painting a few strands at a once – which takes some time.  So it sometimes costs more than a regular highlighting session would. Contact the team at Hairsay Salon in Long Island’s Garden City Park or Port Washington locations to book your Babylights an get pricing today! #WhatDoesYourHairsay?

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