Ever wonder how Angelina Jolie nails that flawless, come hither, sexy Cat-Eye?  Her make-up artists tell all!

First, they use a fantastic moisturizer like La Mer eye serum to prime the eyes and give them an awake, youthful appearance.  Next, they put on false eyelashes on her lids.  Once the false lashes have set, they take a liquid liner and carefully line around the eyelash base, and extend the line up towards the corners while thickening it as they taper it towards the nose.  A good tip when trying this at home, is to start in the center of the eye and work your way outwards.  Another tip we love, is to draw the outline of the shape of the cat eye with black shadow prior to going in with a more permanent liner.  And, last but not least, they use a q-tip and clean up the excess.  And Voila! Flawless Cat-Eye!

Want a perfect cat eye like Angelina Jolie? Our expert make-up artists can recreate any celebrity red-carpet look you wish for your big event!  Come stop in for a make-up consult and application today!  We have two locations in Long Island, Port Washington and Garden City.  Call us today. #WhatDoesYourHairsay?