Marie Antoinette used to set fashion and hair styling standards for adorning her locks.  Upon her arrival in Paris, big, tall hair with luxe accessories was becoming the style.  As the new wife of King Louis XVI, she quickly took on the leadership role in fashion and the queen that coined the phrase, “Let them eat cake” when the populace rioted for bread  – her flamboyant, over the top, uber rich style certainly did not disappoint!

She often had her tresses built up around wire forms into three-foot high masterpieces.  With no limitations on creativity and expense, some of her more well-known hair adornments included live birds, battle reenactments, and precious stones.  This is actually when and where the name “hairdresser” was first coined. The Parisian hair styles of the times were so intricately styled that they needed some serious assistance to pull off.  In one year, Paris went from having zero to over 1,000 “hair dressers.”

Fast forward to today and the couture runways have continued to utilize high fashion statements with hair accessories such as: tiaras, headbands, barrettes and clips.  The popular television series, Gossip Girl, also showcased luxury hair jewelry while portraying the decadence of New York’s tony upper east side residents.  Here is our short list of luxe, expensive and jaw-dropping accessories, fit for – you guessed it – a queen.  Or at least someone with her bank account.  Without further adieu, we present our selection.


  1. Miss Russia 2010 crown – valued at over $1,000,000.  In 2010, Miss Russia was lucky enough to wear the most expensive crown ever worn in a beauty pageant.  Irina Antonenko sailed down the catwalk with the winning title and world’s most amazing beauty pageant crown.  The headpiece is adorned with 2,358 diamonds and 14 rare pearls. The crown got so much publicity, it overshadowed the beauty pageant. Miss Antonenko actually came in at the Top 15 in the subsequent Miss Universe pageant.


2) Emerald and Diamond Tiara – valued at $12.7 million.  In 1900, this precious emerald and diamond tiara was commissioned as a gift for German Prince Guido Henckel von Domersmarck’s second wife, Katherine.  This stunning tiara is rumored to have been owned by the wife of Emperor Napoleon III of France. This beautiful design includes 11 polished pear-shaped emeralds that total approximately 500 carats. The current owner was an anonymous bidder confirmed to have paid nearly $13 million for this incredible piece of hair jewelry!


3)  18-Karat Gold Leaf Hair Pin – valued at $17,200.  Ana Khouri is the designer behind this solid 18-karat gold hairpin.  Using responsibly-sourced materials, this dazzling pin was inspired by the Art Deco era and 1950’s Brazil . The leaf line created by Khouri not only includes the beautiful hair piece, but also includes a hand cuff valued at $28,300, a diamond necklace with one leaf for $2,980, a full necklace $36,650 and earrings worth $13,500. For a little over $100,000, you can own the entire golden leaf line by Khouri.

What do you think of these incredible hair pins and crowns?  We love adorning our clients with tiaras, headpieces, flowers and bows for their big day, or red-carpet events!  If you want a consultation to see how we can enhance your look for that special milestone and event, please contact us at Hairsay salon.  We have two convenient locations to serve you, in Port Washinton and Garden City Park!  What Does Your Hairsay?