Science is telling us what we already know, but hate to admit:  Keeping up appearances, helps us look much younger.  Here’s why:  According to scientists who study beauty and the way our brain responds to and recognizes attractiveness, it appears that by artificially creating a more youthful appearance, makeup enhances signals of health and vitality, while hair color does the same.  So basically, when our face and hair look youthful – so do We!  In fact, when we look at someone’s face, we can tell a lot about them pretty much from the get-go.  Our brain makes snap judgments regarding gender, attractiveness, and youth.  Research has found that increased contrast between our eyes and lips and the skin surrounding them is perceived as more feminine.  And what’s more is that they also discovered that this contrast is an indicator of age.  Apparently, as we age, the shade of our lips, eyes and eyebrows lighten, while our skin tone becomes darker.  How can you recreate a younger, more beautiful look knowing what we know?  Easy!  Wear make-up!  Regularly use eye-liner, shadows, blush and darken your brows.  Try a deep pigmented, and bright lipstick that enhances your skin-tone and makes your pout stand out.  Use a dewy make-up that’ll give you a glow and not cake up and show up in creases.  Get a blush that is rosy and warm.  And most of all have fun.  Once you find the right look that increases your confidence while peeling away the years, make it your go-to look.

And now the hair: the hallmark of  youthful hair is darker at the roots (no gray of course) and it has very subtle sun-kissed highlights with loads of shine and bounce.  Think of the hair of a toddler, how the highlights are glossy, natural and thin as if just a few strands here and there are lightened.

Recreating this look is easily done with a technique called hair painting, like Babylights, where select strands of hair are painted with dye and lightened a shade or two lighter than the rich, darker base underneath.  One of these new hair color trends is called Tiger Eye, for the way the hair mimics the gemstone of the same name.  Another technique is called Balayage.  Or if you want to be daring and get the color of the moment – one we call Balayage’s younger sister, opt for Pastelage.  Pastelage is appropriate for spring and Easter too!  Hairsay salon’s formulas are always gentle on the hair and increase shine.  We can also add a gloss on top to enhance shine even more!

So, even though we can’t all look like Gigi Hadid, there are things we can do to get that youthful look. We also recommend sunscreen to keep your skin looking great by preventing sun damage and aging before it starts.  And we love a good retinol serum like this one from Dr. Brandt to zap those wrinkles away once they creep up.

No need to search far and wide for the Fountain of Youth, we’re always available to color, cut and style your hair, as well as provide you with a professional make-up application to help turn back the clock.  We have two convenient locations in Garden City and Port Washington Long Island.  We are a team of expert hair and beauty pros providing the best service and attention to detail.  Book online here or call us at either of our locations.  We are considered to be the Best Salon in Long Island with distinction, year after year, having been in the business for decades.  Our clients rave about and love us – and so will you!  First time guests get a discount and we offer rewards points to our customers.  What Does Your Hairsay? www.Hairsay.com