For girls with very long, high maintenance locks, it’s not uncommon to have the urge at times to want to just to chop it all off.  A new short cut is at once totally terrifying and exciting!  But, buyer beware, it takes just a few minutes to cut it all off, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even like it.  Then there is the slow, grueling process of waiting for it to grow out.  Love it or not, you’re now stuck with short hair.  So here are key questions to ask yourself BEFORE you take the plunge!

Why short?
Are you going through a break-up/major life event?  Many people seek a dramatic new cut post-major life event and although it is not uncommon, there is a good chance that you might really regret it.  A haircut or dramatic color change can give you instant gratification, but it’s not a solution to your problems or dissatisfaction with where you are now.  That is an external solution to an internal issue.  A good stylist will ask you why you are seeking such a drastic change before snipping your locks.  Good reasons include being tired with long-hair, or wanting to try something new.  Top stylists will steer clear of doing a dramatic makeover on someone who’s in a bad emotional state.

What is your texture?
When we see celebrities rocking a red carpet with jaw-dropping hair, our knee-jerk reaction is to grab a picture and run to the salon asking for the same exact style.   But what works for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Charlize Theron with their super-straight strands may not work as well for thicker, coarser hair.  A good stylist will cut hair to enhance what their client has naturally.  And you don’t want to spent the time fighting with your hair every morning.  Texture is paramount in decided to go super short, so is hair thickness.

What shape are you?
And we aren’t talking dress sizes – is your facial shape round, square, oval or sweetheart?  This is critical to getting the right cut.  Your face, head, neck, and jawline all affect what length will look best on you.

Schedule.  Do you have time?
The upkeep involved with a short, new style is probably the most important thing to think about, especially if your calendar is packed.  Shorter styles mean more trips back to the salon and more time involved styling at home.  Losing the weight of long hair makes your roots go every which way, in whatever direction they feel like.  If you’re looking for a more “wash and go” style, then you might want to seriously reconsider that pixie cut!

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