The holiday season is upon us and there are plenty of events to go to and parties to attend. With that in mind, many people are wondering how to look their very best. Well, there are ways to ensure that with some simple tricks 24 hours, two weeks and one month out from the event.

It may seem counter intuitive, but if you are looking to get your locks to grow before holiday parties and events trim those splint ends 30 days before your special occasion. Split ends stunt the growth and make hair look unhealthy, but a quick trim can live-in it up in an instant. With two weeks to go before the big event, head into a salon, like Hairsay Salon on Long Island, to get your highlights touched up or to go for a whole new color. Giving it two weeks lets the color settle and leaves time for you to change your mind about the new look. With just 24 hours to go, give your hair a moisturizing treatment. Masks are available that will over shiny, healthy locks without additional weight which ways the hair down and makes it look limp.

To get your body in tip top shape try starting an exercise routine one month prior to the event. You can safely lose one to two pounds a week and four to eight pounds in a little black dress can make a big difference. With two weeks to the big day, add hot water with lemon to your morning ritual. It will kick your body into high gear and help you lose that bloat you’ve been hanging onto. With just 24 hours to go, try cranberry juice and water to detox your body of all the holiday bulk. Cranberry juice, or a detox beverage, kicks your body into high gear and ensures a tight figure for an upcoming event.

When you have 30 days to spare before you special occasion check in with your dermatologist, or get a facial to shrink pours and make your skin look younger and healthier. When you have just 14 calenders, see an expert for an eyebrow session. Brow shaping can give new life to a worn out face. Finally, The night of the event do your makeup with bright blushes, or spring for an artist. The right makeup can make you glow.