All You Need to Know About Keratin Complex Treatments

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of getting a Keratin Complex treatment to get that insane sheen and shine to your hair, here’s what you need to know about this life-changing hair treatment.

The Keratin Complex treatment is a liquid keratin hair treatment formula that removes frizz and adds deep shine to your hair. The Instagram age has only enhanced the demand for Keratin Complex treatments because the kind of shine this treatment can give your hair is captured brilliantly on camera.

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, and would like sleek hair with a sheen that dazzles, you would be the perfect candidate for a Keratin complex treatment. The treatment is not ideally suited for people with very straight hair.  The treatment removes frizz and adds a deep shine to your hair. It can make hair easier to style and blow dry.

So, what does the treatment contain? Brazilian origin ingredients including acaia berry and annatto seeds are just some of the goodies that go into making the Keratin Complex treatment live up to its hype. The liquid keratin creates a protective coating around each strand of hair. The treatment takes just about one to two hours, depending on the volume and thickness of your hair. The results can last for as long as three months.  However, you will need to adhere to a protective hair regimen.  That means using gentle mild shampoos that do not contain sulphates and chlorine.

There have been some concerns in the media about the risks of using this treatment, especially those that involve the presence of formaldehyde in the products used to deliver the treatment. As stylists at any Long Island hair salon will tell you, the amount of formaldehyde in the treatment is minimal, and not sufficient enough to cause harm to you or your health. The risks involved are no more nor less than the risks involved with any chemical treatment of your hair. Moreover, unlike some other types of treatment, the Keratin Complex treatment is absolutely safe to use on colored hair. In fact, many clients actually report to their stylists that their hair actually feels even more nourished and moisturized after a Keratin Complex treatment.

Remember, however, that there are different versions of the treatment, so make sure that you discuss your expectations from the treatment with your stylist at Hairsay Salon. For instance, you may not want to eliminate your curls entirely, but may just want to tame unruly frizz.  Also, remember that if your hair is very curly, it may not dry to poker straight strands after a wash. You will still need to blow dry in order to get the desired effect although the amount of time you need to blow dry is lessened after a treatment. Make sure your stylist knows your goals so that you are not left disappointed with the results.

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