Braiding Tips for Newbies

The success of shows like Game of Thrones and movies like Frozen has once again brought braids into fashion.  If Daenerys’ intricate braids or Elsa’s simple, yet sophisticated plait have you feeling intimidated, don’t worry. Here’s how you can start styling your hair into to this year’s unbeatable style with aplomb.

First of all, if you are new to braiding your hair, admit to yourself that mistakes will happen. Braids can be tricky to execute, and it can take plenty of time and practice to get your braiding skills just right. The upside to this is that messy or not- so- perfect braids are actually a hair fashion trend of sorts, as stylists at any Long Island hair salon will tell you. A slightly undone braid can look casual and charming, and gives you plenty of opportunity to practice your braid and get it just right.

Practise your braiding in front of your mirror, so that you can memorise the intricate steps that you got just right. Start simple with a classic three- strand braid. You can try more complex braids as you get better at it.

If you have thin hair, take a smaller amount of hair to create your braid. Use the right accessories to finish your braid. Use pins that that match your hair tone and clear elastic bands to keep your braid in place tightly.  If you want your braid to last an evening out, you have to make sure that it can stay put all night.  For a spectacular red carpet- worthy braid, fix an appointment with a hair stylist at Hairsay Salon in Garden City Park.

Braiding is easier when your hair is not squeaky clean or freshly- washed. It’s weird, but true. Lightly dirty, unwashed hair can actually hold your braid better.  Freshly- washed hair can slip out of the braid, making your hair look unkempt and with strands coming loose everywhere.

Try braiding your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is easier to style, and the braid can easily set as your hair goes dry. Your wet hair will simply dry into the braided style, with few flyaways or loose hair. If you want a sleek style with minimum loose hair, try braiding your hair when it is just toweled dry after a shower.

Stylists at the best Long Island hair salons like Hairsay Salon recommend using a texturing product like a spray, if your hair is limp or thin – this can give your hair enough texture for the braid to hold properly.

If you’re looking for a slightly messy braid, don’t braid your hair with the messy look in mind. Instead, braid your hair really tight, and then use your hands to tweak your hair into a look that’s chic enough for you. Don’t start out with a messy braid because even the tightest braids have a nasty habit of slowly unravelling with time.

Too much of tight braiding can mean pressure on your hair roots and your hair. This stress can cause hair fall and breakage. Switch hair styles often, so that your hair gets a respite from tight braided styles. Also, use nourishing hair products like masks and oils to nourish your hair in between braiding. For professional braid hairstyles, see our services menu.