Caring for Your Long Hair Style

Long tresses have a beauty that’s unique. For centuries, long hair has been associated with fertility and feminity in many cultures. Long locks can be extremely versatile, and can lend themselves to different types of hairstyles.

However, caring for longer hairstyles can be a challenge. Longer hair is much more likely to get tangled, suffer sun and weather damage, or even worse, suffer split ends. Long hair is an investment, and if you fail to give your hair the care and nourishment needed to maintain it, your hair can begin showing the effects of that neglect very quickly.

If you love your long hair, and are enjoying your flowing hairstyles, learn how you can keep your hair shiny, healthy and vibrant with these simple tips.

First, invest in a good hairbrush. Longer hair is much more likely to get tangled, and a natural fiber hairbrush will allow you to detangle hair without too much pressure on your scalp. Remember, excessive and harsh brushing of your hair can lead to hair breakage. Thin and weak hair will be difficult for your Port Washington or Garden City Park Hairsay hair salon to work with.

Avoid over-washing your hair. A wash once or twice a week should be sufficient, unless you live in extremely humid or sweaty conditions. A weekly shampoo can get all the dirt and grime out of your hair, without stripping your long hair of the natural oils that it will require to continue to look smooth and radiant. Get a good dry shampoo– this can help keep your hair clean until your next wet shampoo wash. Make sure that your hair is brushed and tangle-free before you shampoo it. When you shampoo your hair, only massage your scalp with the shampoo.

Never forget to condition after every shampoo. Conditioning can help moisturize your hair, and lock in all of the essential moisture and nourishment needed to make sure that your hair is shiny and looks healthy. Conditioning also protects your long hair against pollution, sun damage and dirt. Focus your conditioner on the middle and the ends of your hair, and avoid placing too much conditioner near the roots of your hair. This will simply weigh your hair down.

If you use any kind of hair drying product, be careful with how you dry your hair. Do like Hairsay (the best Long Island hair salon) does, and keep the dryer a fair distance away from your head. Use heat protection products to prevent heat damage.

If you suffer from split ends– the bane of long-haired women– get these trimmed regularly.
Prevent split ends through regular hair spa treatments. Invest in regular moisturizing and hydrating treatments for your hair at either of our locations (Garden City Park & Port Washington). A weekly deep conditioning treatment at our salon can help care for your hair, and leave it looking well-nourished and manageable.

Dry and brittle long hair can be a nightmare to handle and impossible to style. Hydrating treatments can help provide much-needed hydration to the hair shaft and roots, leaving your tresses shiny and smooth. Visit a professional at Hairsay hair salon at least twice month for a hair hydrating treatment or hair spa that leaves your hair shiny, healthy and full of bounce.