Date Night Hair Style Ideas

Looking for ideas to give your hair style that extra something for date night this weekend? Here are a few ways you can style your locks easily and effortlessly to get you looking your absolute perfect best when you want to knock his socks off!

Relationship therapists recommend that every couple take time for a regular date night to reconnect and keep the spark alive. It goes without saying that hair on this special night must be hair that is at its alluring and romantic best. Your man might love you in all kinds of hair styles (which is one of the things you love about him) but there are some hair styles that are universally appealing.

Loose flowing hair, for one, is a classic style that simply never goes out of fashion, and never fails to be stunning. If you have long hair with even a slightly wave, leave it loose with a minimum of styling and setting products. Tousled waves are always sexy.

If you’re looking at braids for your special night, you’re making the right choice. There are any number of ways to go with this style, and all of them look great. A tight braid will make your look effortlessly chic and classy. A French braid looks sophisticated and feminine. Go loose with your braid for a fresh and girly look. Remember, braids look better with the right hair highlights. Visit Hairsay Salon in Garden City Park to get highlights that rock your do.

A messy bun is another way to get the casually sophisticated look just right. Remember to use plenty of hair setting spray to make sure that your messy bun isn’t a hot mess by the end of the evening. This hair style can easily go wrong as the evening wears out, and hair spray is your best friend with this style.
Side waves or messy curls are also a great way to catch your man’s eye, and keep it on you all evening long. Think rich auburn shades to go with glossy waves left loose on the side of your hair.

An upswept or bouffant bun, sleek straight hair with a middle parting – all of these are time-tested romantic evening styles that never go wrong.

You could also go bold with your hair for the day and really surprise your mate. No one can resist a surprise. Enhance your special evening out with colors and styles he’s never seen on you before. Discuss your options with a stylist at one of the best Long Island hair salons and get a professional opinion about the look that suits you.

Periwinkle is one of 2019’s trendiest hair colors if you’re looking to get really daring. Stylish women are leaving the salon with tresses in mauve-toned shades of champagne and metallic coral shades to liven upon their looks. Discuss these ideas with your stylist at Hairsay Salon and get a hair color and style that truly blows his mind!

Remember, date night is all about keeping those sparks flickering bright. A new hairstyle using these tips can go a long way to helping you do just that!