Get Your Hair Halloween-Ready in Time for the Holiday

Looking for great costume ideas that stun this Halloween? Making your hair the focal point of your costume is a trend that began a few seasons ago and looks set to continue this year as well.

Whether you want an elaborate spooky look, or are going for a simpler, more classic take this Halloween, there’s plenty you can do with your hair to get you there!

Mermaid beauty was all the rage at college Halloween parties last year, and hair stylists at the best Long Island hair salon, Hairsay, predict that this look will be a winner this season too. Remember, the look will only be enhanced by luminous hair, pearlescent shades, long tresses and curls – check in with a hair stylist at Hairsay in Garden City Park, New York well in advance of Halloween to get hair that takes your mermaid costume to ethereal levels!

The Unicorn look is also likely to be very popular this season. Think extremely light hair, or pastel shades, loads of volume or an ultra-sleek braid, and an iridescent topper to cap your crowning glory. Again, as with the mermaid look, your hair color is absolutely key to nailing the unicorn look.

Some costumes will call for a large bouffant or big hair that’s the focal point of the costume. Think Maire Antoinette (add hair accessories), or Brigette Bardot (go for softer, face framing curls). Marilyn Monroe can be easy to pull off – just get that signature colour, and use rollers to get those curls. Jackie Kennedy’s slighter bouffant can easily be replicated with a blowout and some hot rollers.

Get rubber snakes and practice weaving them into your hair in advance, to get an easy, yet stunning Medusa costume. If you have naturally big hair and are looking to flaunt your tresses this holiday, or do not have the time or energy for a fussy do, try out a lioness look. Accentuate your huge hair with copper streaks to get the mane in place, followed up by face makeup and cat ears to complete your look.

Remember, however, that Halloween can be scary for your hair. Hair sprays, harsh colors, iridescent toppers, paint adhesives – all of these are used liberally over Halloween. Prep your hair for your party much in advance. Your hair must be nourished and moisturized well in advance to minimize the effect of toxic chemicals in your hair.

Also remember to clean your hair completely after your party. Hair must be washed out thoroughly. Hair stylists at Hairsay, one of the best salons near Hempstead, advise that you wet hair thoroughly, apply more than your usual amount of shampoo and massage well to get all the sticky and icky debris out of your hair. Rinse thoroughly, and detangle hair with your hands. Apply twice as much conditioner as you normally use. Your last rinse must be with cold water. This helps close the cuticle and seal in the moisture.

Getting a hair spa treatment to add in moisture after Halloween at Hairsay Salon will also help you care for and protect your hair from further damage post-Halloween.

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