Getting Your Hair Summer-Ready

Give your hair a boost of protection and vibrancy before the driest months of the year get here. Here at Hairsay, we know that you need to get your tresses summer-ready much before the official kickoff to the season in order to enjoy stylish locks that are comfort to wear.

If you, like so many others, plan on getting yourself a shorter cut for the summer, get one at the best Long Island hair salon (Hairsay), much in advance. This will give you enough time to get used to your new hairstyle, and will allow it to grow out for a couple of weeks and settle into the kind of look that you want before summer begins. After all, you want to wear your new hair with aplomb and confidence, as you hit the beaches!

Make the switch to gentler hair care products before summer. Sensitive or dry hair can benefit from sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are lightweight on your hair, and work to keep your hair clean and dry, without weighing it down with too many chemicals. Start using these products in spring, so that your hair has plenty of time to adjust to these new products before summer begins. Remember, you want your hair to look bouncy and fresh, not over-processed and high-maintenance.

Also remember that you will likely increase your hair wash habits during summer, and lighter products will allow you to maintain that clean and fresh feel without stripping your hair of essential moisture.

Summer is also when most people choose to switch to powdered dry shampoos to keep hair looking and smelling clean, without washing it too often. If you have never tried these, start experimenting with these products now. This will give your hair plenty of time to adjust, and will also help you understand whether you are happy with these products before summer begins.

If you have longer hair, and do not want to cut it short for summer, experiment with braiding and other hair styles that allow you to enjoy the summer weather, without cramping your style. Messy braids, for instance, are always in style, and allow you to maintain control over your hair while keeping you looking chic.

Fine-tune your summer hair care habits. If you are a blow dry addict, get into the habit of air drying, or blow drying less frequently. The air will be dry and hot, and hair will dry down on its own quickly enough.

Buy plenty of head protection. Invest in scarves, hats, hairbands, or any of the other hair accessories that are fortunately so much in vogue right now. Your hair needs protection just as much as your skin does. If you don’t want to cover your hair, use a heat-combating product that will protect your head from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun.

Want a boost to help your hair look its best before summer begins? Look into a nourishing hair spa treatment at a hair salon at Hairsay Salon in Garden City Park and Port Washington, and give your tresses a much-needed shot of vitality, before the warm days of summer begin.