Haute Cocoa. Chocolate-Mauve Hair.

Isn’t it just mauvelous?!  The latest brunette hair color obsession has us super excited because for a long time, the focus has been on lightening and highlighting brown hair to a blonder hue. Brunette haired beauties can now rejoice that they can get depth and brilliance in their strands, without necessarily going lighter.  And on the celeb scene, Selena Gomez is a huge fan of this hot brunette shade!

As a brunette, you may have been longing to change up your hair color, adding depth and vibrant color to your tresses.  While blonde highlights help you achieve that look, there’s one new color trend that can be super glam with brown locks – we’re talking about chocolate-mauve and we just can’t stop raving about how pretty it is!

Chocolate-mauve hair, a mix of dark chocolate brown and a rose gold hue, could very well be the perfect new brunette color style.  This hair painting technique is also subtle, so you don’t have to worry about being too bright and is the perfect color choice if you want to add oomph to your look without going too dramatic.  It is oh-so-very pretty and vibrant, that you may never go back to your natural hair color again!

Chocolate-mauve hair starts with bleaching and then adding pastel, rose-hued tints via the process of balayage.  This color is a subtle, more natural color than the recent unicorn trend where the ends are a much brighter contrast to the brunette base onto which they are painted.  That said, please keep in mind that the darker the base color you start off with, the more bleaching you may need to achieve chocolate-mauve hair.  You may even need many sessions at the salon.

Because chocolate-mauve hair utilizes balayage, a skilled, hand-painted highlighting technique, this is a color trend that is best left to the professionals.  So kids, don’t try this one at home!  If you’d like to get chocolate mauve hair, find an experienced colorist such as the professionals at Hairsay Salons, who specialize in balayage and bring in photos of chocolate-mauve hair that you find inspiring.  An added bonus of this style is that since the highlights start from mid length and down towards the ends of your hair, there is no line of demarcation when your roots start coming in.

Chocolate-Mauve hair color requires special care, so you’ll want to take extra care to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing.  Here are our pro tips for caring for your new chocolate-mauve hair.

1. Air dry.  Chocolate mauve hair looks gorgeous with your natural texture!  After towel-drying your hair, apply Goldwell’s Style Design then sit back and let your chocolate mauve hair air dry naturally!

2. Turn down the heat.  Hot water strips strands of color and opens up the cuticle, so try shampooing and conditioning in lukewarm water instead.

3. Use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. Say goodbye to your regular shampoo and conditioner.  In order to maintain the color your stylist has created for you, be sure to use hair care products that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair.  We highly recommend you try Dual Senses Color Fade Stop Shampoo from Goldwell.

Whatever style or color you desire, Hairsay Salon is here to serve you with two convenient locations in Port Washington and Garden City Park Long Island.  Book an appointment with one of our many expert hair stylists, color & make-up artists for a look you’ll adore!  Our clients rave about us, and so will you!  Hello, Beautiful! What does your Hairsay? www.Hairsay.com