Hottest Hair Trends for Winter 2019

Now that winter has truly come, here are some ways that you can dress up your tresses in the hottest hair style and color trends of the season. Professional hair stylists at the best Long Island hair salons predict that these trends will be in and happening even as you move into the first few months of 2020.

Hair styles this winter are truly versatile and fuss-free. Whether you prefer shorter hair or want to show off your long locks to their full glory, you will find that many of this season’s best hair styling and color trends will suit you.

Want to go short? Stylists at hair salons across Nassau County are predicting that pixie cuts will be back and with a vengeance. Many women are choosing to go stylishly fuss-free with close -cut pixie styles around the Long Island area.

Short bobs are also very trendy and in-season. Flattened, slick and short bobs with a middle parting are also a newer hair style that we expect to see more of this winter.  Too afraid to go so short this winter? Talk to a professional hair stylist at the best Long Island hair salon about hair extensions or clip-ons that will help ease the transition to super -short hair.

For girls with long hair, there are plenty of ways to dress up tresses this season. Try a long half- braid. Stop your braid halfway, and leave the rest of your hair open. Don’t forget to use some texturing spray to really bring out the beauty of this style. High ponytails are also going to be very hot this season.

Bring out the bejeweled accessories. As we head into party season, expect to see bejeweled hair clasps and hair bands all around the Long Island region. Pearl hair accessories have been having a moment since autumn, and this trend is likely to continue this season too. Create some vintage charm with pearl hair clasps or clips. Velvet ribbons are another unusual trend this season. Use with buns or braids for the most dramatic, party-friendly results.

If you want to play it safe this winter without stepping too far out of your comfort zone, there’s good news for you too. The classic top knot and side- swept bobs will continue to maintain their timeless appeal and will make the transition to party season effortlessly.

Want to frame your face for innocent allure? Bangs are back with a bang (no up intended).  Think wispy, soft, long strands of hair covering your forehead. Break out styles that you wouldn’t be comfortable in during summer.

When it comes to hair colors. ombres are likely to rule this season. This is a hair color trend that isn’t going way any time soon. Winter could be the best time for a drastic change to your hair color. Want to turn heads? Try a blue and aubergine or violet and pink combo. Fuse rich black with dark brown shades.  Ask a hair colorist at the best Long Island hair salon for different ombre shades of blonde. Caramel and cinnamon-spiced hair colours are perfect for those who want to try the ombre color trend without getting too daring or colorful.

Try out these tips for a truly head-turning winter!

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