How to Keep Hair Stylish and Healthy Even After a Workout

After great hair, the one thing that will keep you looking your very best is a regular exercise schedule. Working out can help you maintain a healthy glow.

However, an unavoidable consequence of a workout schedule is hair that’s sweaty, messy and prone to breakage. A sweaty scalp can be prone to scalp infections. It’s important to make sure that your hair is cleaned post workout in order to maintain healthy, great-looking hair.

Not everyone has time to wash hair and style it again after their workout. Here are ways to keep your tresses healthy while working out.

Before your workout, style your hair depending on the type of activity that you are performing and its position on the intensity scale. Hairsay Salon near Nassau Community College recommends a braid for light exercises like yoga or Pilates. A pony tail would work great too.

However, for more strenuous excercises like a Zumba class or cycling, Hairsay Salon on Long Island would recommend a bun that keeps hair away from your face and doesn’t disturb your workout. Use a sweatband to absorb sweat from your forehead and hair line, and prevent it from running down your scalp.

Not all kinds of exercise regimens require you to wash out your hair of all sweat, though. Some activities are not as strenuous and may result in mild to no sweat. Less strenuous yoga exercises may not require a jump in the shower post-workout.

A more hectic cardio workout may require more cleaning. Even a daily hectic or strenuous acuity like a Zumba session may not require a daily shampoo. You may strip hair of essential moisture, making hair dry in the long run. A simple shower with water may help wash off sweat and grime from your workout and leave hair smelling fresh and clean. Add shampoo to your shower only two to three days a week.

Do remember to at least rinse out your hair after a heavy workout – even a little sweat can collect, making you feel uncomfortable. As professionals at Hairsay Salon know, sweaty hair can become limp, dank and difficult to style.

Dry shampoo is the best friend of the fitness enthusiast. It can be a great way to ensure that your hair remains fresh even after a workout. Never apply dry shampoo to wet or sweaty hair – it will simply form a cakey layer, making hair look even dirtier. A good idea is to apply some dry shampoo on your hair before your workout. This can help absorb some sweat. You can try this if you know you will not have time to shampoo after a workout. This will keep your hair smelling and looking soft and healthy, even post-workout.

If you have no time to shampoo or have just shampooed the previous day and do not wish to add suds to your hair care again, spray your hair with an astringent hair tonic. The steam from the shower will make the tonic penetrate deep into your hair while the astringent will absorb excess sweat.

Avoid using the hair shampoos provided at your gym. These may be harsh and drying, and are likely to strip your hair of moisture and essential oils.

Use these tips for hair that’s healthy and fresh even after a workout. And if you’re looking to take care of your dry or damaged hair, view our services and make your appointment!