How to Manage and Style Thick Hair

Thick haired-girls may be the envy of women with fine tresses, but as stylists at the best Long Island hair salons know, the truth is that thick hair comes with its own set of managing and styling problems. Knots, coarseness, frizz and dryness are just some of the problems that women with thick hair can face.

Here’s how you can make the most of your thick hair, and have hair that’s not just voluminous, but also soft, manageable and bouncy.

For starters, avoid over washing your hair. Thick-haired women should wash their hair just about twice or thrice a week. The natural oils in the hair provide the nourishment and hydration that your hair will need to avoid frizz, which stylists at Garden City hair salons know is a common problem for thick hair.

Use an appropriate conditioner to soften and smoothen your thick hair. Sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos can help keep thick hair manageable and smooth. Also avoid using conditioners that have the word “volume” or “volume building” on their packaging. Your hair already has plenty of volume and conditioners like these only run the risk of giving you hair that is cartoonishly large and difficult to style.  You may end up using larger amounts of conditioner, compared to your limp–haired sisters.  If that’s the case, choose products that are super–concentrated, so that you only need a small amount of product to coat your hair stands.  Ask your local Long Island hair salon for conditioner recommendations.  

Take extra care to dry your hair after a wash. Air- drying can be time consuming when hair strands are thicker.  Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel to prevent frizz or split ends, another common problem with thick hair. Instead, wrap a towel tightly around your head for a few minutes to soak out excess water. While the hair is still damp, use a blow dryer at medium speed to dry out your hair.

Knotted or tangled hair is another major problem that women with thick hair face. Use a good detangling brush as part of your daily brushing routine.

For quick styling in the morning or when you’re pressed for time, throw your hair upside down, brush it out and tie a top knot.  Top knots are thankfully, always in style, and are made for women with thick voluminous hair. This is a quick styling fix that doesn’t involve copious amounts of styling products.

Another problem with thick hair is the way your hair can get caught on hair clips and scrunchies. Hair scrunchies especially are a boon for thick -haired women. Scrunchies, unfortunately, are not trendy. Look for fabric hair ties instead, that are gentle on your hair. These are less likely to get tied up in your hair, leading to hair breakage.

Be careful with the style you choose. Short cuts may seem chic, but can look ridiculously large with thick, voluminous hair. Experiment with short layers, instead. Ask the stylists at one of the best Long Island hair salons for layered short cuts, that will cut down on volume and frame your face. Avoid blunt short styles.

Follow these tips to have beautiful thick hair that turns heads everywhere!

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