If Spring is Here, Can Great Hair be Far Behind?

It’s time to put a spring not just in your step, but in your hair too! This spring, make sure you step out with hair that’s bouncy, healthy and shining, with these simple hair care tips.

If you’re just coming off a cold winter, you’ve likely hidden your hair under scarves or caps, and are itching to have your hair dressed up and free again. First off, visit a Long island hair salon, and get a haircut in time for spring. Winter is when most people prefer to grow out their hair, and that means there are dead ends or split ends to fix. You don’t have to get a drastic cut.  Just ask any hair salon in Garden City for a short trim to remove split ends and ensure that your hair is looking healthy once again.

More spring-y looks involve natural highlights. Your hair might have accumulated a lot of hair damage from the frequent blow outs and hair color sessions over the year’s busiest party season.  Give your hair a break by pampering it, and going easy on the treatments. Ask a hair colorist at the best Long Island hair salon for natural highlights that are as close to your natural hair as possible. They are totally spring-ready, and give you the chance to experiment with softer looks that are a welcome change from the dramatic and flamboyant hairstyles of December.  

Spring is also when you can try air drying, as opposed to blow drying. The weather is just dry enough for hair to dry naturally, and will give it a chance to recuperate nicely. Simply dab your damp hair with a towel and let it dry. Blow drying can expose your hair to heat which your hair has already taken plenty of during the party season.

If you’ve been using intensely moisturizing and hydrating shampoos and conditioners during winter, now is the time to cut back on the excess moisture. Continuing to use a heavy shampoo might load hair with excess moisture, making it heavy and sticky, and contributing to frizz. A good conditioner is essential. Just make sure you cut down on the quality of the conditioner you use during spring.

Frizz is a common problem during spring, especially in areas where spring is often accompanied by rain. Use an anti-humidity spray to keep frizz at bay. Simply point the nozzle on the roots and spray. Anti-frizz serums can also be applied on your locks to eliminate frizz, and keep hair looking smooth. Apply a few drops of serum on hair that’s damp after a shower and dry.  

While daily intense conditioning can leave your hair feeling heavy and frizzy, a weekly mask can do wonders. If your hair has been left damaged during winter, try a nourishing hair mask to add moisture to your hair.  Make an appointment at the best Long island hair salon for a deep-nourishing mask. A weekly mask can restore health to hair without weighing it down with too much product.

If spring for you means pool parties, make sure that you coat your hair with conditioner before you jump into the water, to avoid the harmful and drying effects of chlorine.

These tips will help you meet spring “head-on” with bouncy hair!

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