Yes, you heard that right.  Nude.  It’s THE shade of the summer for hair.  We all know that blonde hair rules summer, never goes out of style and now somewhere between icy platinum and golden blonde is the latest trend in town: NUDE!

If you’ve ever colored your hair, you’ve probably heard a lot about warm and cool shades (especially when it comes to what works best with your particular skin tone).  But you may not have heard as much about the in-between colors, or neutrals.  Until now.

It seemed inevitable right?  We have been obsessed with nude looks for some time now.  Case in point: nude make up, nude nails, and even nude heels have taken the fashion world by storm. The list goes on, and on and now, with the Nude Hair trend, we’ve come full circle.

What is Nude Hair?  It’s a hair coloring technique that mimics natural hair color by focusing on a client’s complexion, and striking a balance between warm and cool tones to create a neutral color palette. The results are incredibly gorgeous and sexy.

Neutral blondes blend several blonde shades for an all over nude look.  With equal parts of both warm and cool tones, the colors cancel each other out to create a neutral color.  And while you don’t often hear that much about neutral shades, they are far more popular than you may think.  People are typically born with neutral-colored hair.  It makes sense that we’d be drawn to this natural hue. Which explains a lot about why this color is totally on-trend this season.  Why do stylists and clients love it?  Because it looks great with all complexions and it’s super easy to wear.  In addition, nude hair colors can be easily changed up, you can go from neutral to gold with the same level of lightness, and yet end up with a totally different look!

Still on the fence?  Have a look at any major magazine this season, celebs are flocking to this shade right now! Many natural blondes are actually born with it.  Notable NUDEs are Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid to name a few…

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