Let’s Be Blunt!

Let’s be blunt.  Bangs are hot again, especially blunt bangs, and this straight-across style is officially mainstream with celebs and models.  Case in point: Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.  Why is this trend making a big comeback?  Well, many women have cut their long hair into bobs and lobs over the last couple years and now they are wanting to change it up again. Bangs let you refresh your style and add interest to your cut, while keeping your hair length.  Here is what you should know before making the cut.

Your natural hair texture is key.  The blunt cut takes a lot of work and works better with naturally straight, medium-thick hair.  If you have to try hard each and every morning to get it to look OK, you may want to avoid getting this style.  Humidity can undo all of your work even if you’ve spent the time and made it look amazing.  We’re not saying curly haired girls can’t get blunt bangs, but you should take into account the amount of maintenance and effort you may need to put into them.  Also, women with thin hair may want to skip blunt bangs altogether.

Your face shape.  Just as with your makeup, your face shape is critical when picking the perfect cut.  Very round faces look rounder and wider with blunt bangs.  Oval faces can wear any bangs, while for angular or square faces, straight across bangs can work if a little softness and texture is added in.

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