[Meghan Markle] The Most Awaited Hairstyle of the Year

Come May, and the world will have its collective gaze on one high-profile wedding, and, in particular, the hairstyle of the bride. Meghan Markle will officially become a member of the Royal Family this May, and the media is already abuzz about the kind of hairdo that she will sport during her nuptials with Prince Harry.

Whoever the hairstylist for the special occasion is, he or she will have plenty to work with as they style the bride-to-be’s tresses. Markle has a full head of glossy, thick hair that is this Long Island hair salon’s dream. This is the kind of hair that looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with beautiful hair accessories, like the ubiquitous royal tiara that Markle is very likely to sport for her big moment.

In order to understand the brouhaha over Markle’s look on her big day, especially her hairstyle, you only need to look back in time to when her mother-in-law, the iconic Princess Diana famously uncovered her own royal hairdo during her wedding to Prince Charles. The wispy, soft hairstyle came to be known infamously as the “Lady Di look,” and spawned millions of look-alikes. In the years that followed, hair salons from Garden City Park to Port Washington and across the globe were flooded with requests for the Lady Di look.

For years, Diana was famous for her hairstyles, and especially her ability to experiment with them, and coordinate them with her look for the day, and even the challenges in her life. Her hair became longer, and shaggier when she was going through tumultuous times in her personal life. Her tresses became short, sleek and chic post her divorce, when she underwent a personal makeover as a humanitarian and activist.
Markel is still a few weeks short of her new role as the latest addition to the royal family, but her hair has already generated some controversy.

Recently, Marie Claire magazine came under fire after it published an article that focused on a solitary gray hair that a reporter spotted on Markle’s head. Markle fans and the rest of the media came down hard on Marie Claire for its sexist approach while covering the princess-to-be.

Markle’s naturally long hair is the type that the best hair salon in Long Island (Hairsay) would love to experiment with. From voluptuous curls, to sleek, poker-straight locks, and from darker tones to lighter hues, there is plenty that the newest addition to the British Royal Family can do to turn heads on her special day.

Will she go with a timeless, elegant up-do, or a cheeky ponytail? Will she choose extensions for extra glam, or keep her hair its natural length? Will she go for a low, casual bun, or a voluminous blowout? Or will she go with her preferred hairstyle– her long locks thrown over one shoulder?

This Port Washington hair salon will have to wait till May 19 to find out.