This Will Be The Most Popular Hair Color of 2018

Ladies and lovers of vibrant color, rejoice! There has never been a better time to go bold, and 2018, you can comfortably turn heads with hair that’s all shades of violet!

Pantone has declared Ultraviolet to be the Color of 2018, which is exciting for bold hair color lovers and the best hair salons in Long Island, who have long experimented with gorgeous hues of violet in hair color.

Pantone describes “ultraviolet” as a color that embraces “originality” and “points us to the future”. That is a tall order, and one that the color violet is more than equipped to fulfill.

Make no mistake – the shade is not for shrinking violets (no pun intended!). Purpled-hued tresses will only turn heads, and are meant to be worn with confidence and aplomb.

Violet hairstyles are all over Instagram, and with good reason. Violet can be loud and vibrant, and deep and mysterious.

However, many women may feel uncomfortable making the jump into purple-hued waters. For you, a Garden City hair salon like ours can ease your introduction to the color, slowly and painlessly.
Don’t want a deep, jewel-toned purple?

No problem. Some of the best Long Island Hair salons offer hair colors that are more muted, and allow you to experiment with softer violet shades that enhance your facial features without the shock factor.

Have dark brunette hair, and don’t know how to jump on the violet train? Our hair experts will be able to take your dark tresses into consideration, and use a combination of bleach and warmer dyes to give you a great violet-toned hair color without harming your hair.

Your Port Washington hair salon professional can also blend different shades of purple to come up with a unique hair color that is very much you.

So whether you want a vibrant deep purple, an few eclectic shades, or a more mysterious violet tinge to your hair, you should be able to work together with your hair colorist to come up with a hair color that works.

Your Long Island hair salon professional should also be able to take into consideration the tones of your face, to determine the right shade of violet for you.

Ask for shade ranges, look at pictures, and do your research before you decide on the color that matches not just your hair type, but also your facial features and skin tones.

Purple does wash out quicker than many other pigments, but as long as you are walking around with violet hair, your tresses should enhance your confidence and style.

Remember, jumping on the purple bandwagon can be very challenging for your hair. Purple is not a natural hair color, and therefore, you will find that maintaining your hair after your color requires extra special care.

If you are a dark haired woman going purple, you will find that maintenance is even more challenging, compared to your blonde or redheaded friends. Talk to your colorist at Hairsay about all the precautions you need to take and the right ways to care for your hair.

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