The Complete Guide to Conditioning Your Hair

Sure, you take care of your hair and never forget to condition it even when in a rush. But are you following the rights steps in this important hair care ritual? If not, your conditioning could actually be doing more harm than good.

Too many people rush through this last vital step in washing their hair, either over-conditioning their hair with too much product, or not leaving it on for enough time to allow it to work its magic through their hair follicles. The result is lifeless hair that is dull to look at and harder to style, something that we see often at Hairsay, our Long Island hair salon.

Read on to understand how you can use your hair conditioner effectively for super soft, luxurious, shiny hair that bounces!

First, choose the right conditioner for your hair type. If your hair is dry and brittle, choose an extra rich conditioner that is packed with moisturizing goodness. Love coloring your hair? You will need a product that is specifically made for colored hair. For thin hair, use a volumizing conditioner.

Apply the right amount of the product. This can depend on the type of hair you have, thickness, length and other factors. If you have thin hair, use less conditioner. Thicker, fuller hair will require more.

Apply conditioner to the tips of your hair. Many people apply conditioner to the hair roots first, and that may cause hair to become greasy, and feel heavy and overloaded with product. For best results, use a comb to distribute the product from the middle of your hair strands right to the tips.

Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes. The best Long Island hair salons, including Hairsay Salon, recommend that you leave your conditioner in for around 3 minutes. That should give it enough time to work its magic on your hair. Think two minutes is too long to wait around in the shower? Use the time while you have your conditioner on to complete the rest of your shower routine, or give yourself a mini pedicure or foot scrub. Rinsing immediately after putting your conditioner on is one of the bigger conditioning mistakes.

Lastly, rinse your conditioner thoroughly out of your hair. Failing to do so can cause a build-up of chemicals on your hair and scalp, causing the scalp to become dry and flaky, and your hair to lose shine.

A conditioner can be a life-changing addition to your hair care regimen. It can protect hair from damage, and also help lock in moisture after shampooing. It can also protect your hair from the harmful effects of pollution.

If you don’t use one, begin immediately. Take time to find the right product for you; it’s worth the wait. If you think your conditioner isn’t doing what you believe it should for your hair, switch products. It can take time to find the right conditioner for your hair type, so be patient and keep experimenting.

Confused about what hair conditioner to use? Discuss your hair with an expert at Hairsay Salon and you will get plenty of recommendations for your hair type.

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