Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Short Hairdos

Short hair is definitely having a moment. Celebrities galore are debuting sleek, short and sexy dos that are far from unglamorous. From Katy Perry’s pixie to Julia Roberts’ shockingly short bob, celebs are definitely in the midst of a serious flirtation with short hair this season. At most Long Island hair salons, the trend is triggering a wave of nostalgia for the 30s and 40s.

Short hair can seem ideal with summer upon us. But remember, gray roots and awkwardly growing strands can make your chic hair look shapeless and ill-maintained. Follow these tips to make sure that your short hair looks smart and chic, even during those painful growing – out weeks. Our Garden City hair technicians can help keep your hair in check.

Always go to bed with your hair completely dry. Never go to bed with even partially wet hair to avoid waking up in the morning with your hair flattened out and out of shape. Avoid using hair accessories like hats or scarves on partially wet hair, an even more dangerous possibility during the summer season when sweaty locks are a very real thing. Damp locks will only mean that your hair dries down to the shape of the hat, leaving you looking more clownish than cute.

Remember, short hair leaves roots even more visible, so your hair coloring game must be on point. Make sure to keep up with your regular hair color appointments at your Garden City or Port Washington Hairsay Hair Salon.

Be especially careful when you have short haircuts, like pixies, that are meant to be feminine. To keep your pixie looking sleek and impressive for weeks after, make sure that you get it trimmed at least once every 4 to 5 weeks. Otherwise, your do can lose shape, making it look round and shaggy, instead of touchable and soft.

Grow your hair out gracefully. The growing out period can be challenging, as you transition from short hair to slightly longer styles. However, this doesn’t have to mean a hair disaster. Use creative hair styling techniques like twisted braids to draw strands that are growing out away from your face, while presenting a stylish look.

The most important thing to remember to keep your short hair looking neat and sexy as much as possible. The best way to do that is by keeping it trimmed regularly. Most women experience hair growth of between a quarter inch and a half inch every month. That might not seem like a lot when you have long locks, but when you are sporting a short style, even a half-inch out of place will mean a messy mane that looks at the very least, haphazard and unkempt. Keep your short hair looking chic by visiting the best Long Island hair salon regularly– Hairsay Salon.

The ideal duration between visits will depend on the type of style you have. To keep a French-style bob looking sleek instead of messy and grown out, visit our Long Island salon every four weeks. To keep your buzz cut looking edgy, however, a visit every 2 to 3 weeks may be required. Talk to our Port Washington hair salon professionals or stylists to understand how often you will be required to come in for salon visits.

Keep your sleek bob or perky pixie looking sharp through summer with these tips.