Tips for Sweat-Proof Hair Care

Many women find sweating after a gym workout, and showering later, to be damaging or drying to their hair, which can make exercise less motivating for them. Besides, sweat consists of water and salt, which may cause your hair color to fade faster. But, how can you possibly avoid the sweating that goes with exercise territory?

Here are ways you can reduce the amount you sweat during a workout.

There are several effective ways to keep your hair dry during a workout. Check out sweat bands that can keep your hair dry. Big-sized, clean cotton ones can help. Newer ones like Gymwrap reduce the amount of sweat in your air by keeping moisture away from your hair and face.

Keep hair away from your neck too. Tie your hair in a pony tail or top knot so you can prevent your hair coming into contact with your neck and upper back.

You could also cover your hair with a satin scarf to keep sweat at bay and keep your hair dry.

Certain hair styles like braids or cornrows take vigorous exercise very well, retaining their shape and style even as you pound away at those calories. Consider changing your hair style to better reflect your active lifestyle.

Use a blow dryer to dry out all traces of sweat from your hair, post workout.

Create a barrier between your hair and the external environment. Prior to your workout, smooth on a dab of leave-in conditioner. This will act as an occlusive barrier between your scalp and the sweat, essentially keeping your hair sweat-free.

All of these tips can help you stay fit with a healthy energetic lifestyle, without worrying about the effect all that sweating will have on your hair.

It’s important to bust the most common myth when it comes to cleaning sweaty hair. According to dermatologists – and the best Long Island hair salons agree – it is a myth that you need to shampoo your hair every single day for it to be clean and sweat-free. You don’t have to wash your hair every day with shampoo, or even with plain water. There are products available that can help your hair feel fresh after a workout, like dry shampoo. These can be used between washes to maintain your hair style, without having to forego the exercise that is so important for your health. Simply spritz on the dry shampoo on your hair, run your fingers through your hair, and your hair is fresh and clean.

On the other hand, if you have a hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of styling, go ahead and wash your hair with plain lukewarm water and no shampoo post a workout. This is sufficient to remove all traces of sweat without shampooing your hair.

Hair care professionals at Long Island hair salons, like Hairsay Salon, will be able to offer you more specific advice about how you can protect your hair when you exercise. Make an appointment with a stylist to discover the kind of new breakthrough products in the market that can minimize the amount of sweat your hair absorbs during a workout, helping you maintain your hairstyle.

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