Tips to Prevent Dry Hair This Winter

If you just heaved a sigh of relief after making it out of a long, sweaty summer, stop. Winter is almost here, and hair that seemed damp, clingy and flat in summer is likely to go to the other extreme and seem dry, and even brittle during winter.

It’s not just the cold and dry air that you have to worry about, but also the damage wreaked by indoor heating, snow, hot water showers, and so on. All of these can spell disaster for your tresses.

Some of the worst types of hair damage that we see during winter at Hairsay Salon, at our location near Hofstra University, include dryness and lack of volume. The dry air can suck out essential moisture from your hair, leaving it frizzy and harder to manage. Dry hair is harder to comb, and harder to style.

Start an early winter regimen of moisturizing and hydrating your hair to mitigate the effects of the cold dry air on your locks.

Get your hair winter-ready and set for the upcoming holiday season with these simple hair care tips. Go easy on the shampooing as winter sets in. Over shampooing in an already dry and cold climate can make hair even drier. It may even cause split ends, which can make hair a nightmare to style.

Your scalp may become dry and itchy too. If you can’t go more than a couple of days without shampooing, use a dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoos can help add fullness and bounce to your hair and leaving you feeling fresh without stripping your hair of moisture and oils.

Switch to moisturizing shampoos that contain essential oil extracts that can leave hair feeling healthy and soft. Winter is when you absolutely cannot skip the conditioner so get on that wagon pronto. Leave-in conditioners can also help lock in the moisture and prevent dryness and flyaway strands.

A regular moisturizing or hydrating treatment or spa treatment at one of the best Long Island hair salons like Hairsay Salon can also help keep dryness and winter damage at bay. Visit us for an ultra moisturizing weekly hair mask treatment that both nourishes hair and protects strands from breakage and frizz.

View our services that help protect against dry and brittle winter hair.

If you are prone to flyaway strands even during non-wintry days, invest in a stylish scarf or hat to keep hair under control.

Go easy on the styling and heating products. Many of these can damage your hair, or leave it dry at the very least.

Avoid very hot showers, no matter how tempting these may seem. Hot water can actually dry out hair and strip it of essential moisture. A shower with warm or lukewarm water prevents that from

Avoid the temptation to rush out with wet hair after a shower. Cold hair is even more susceptible to damage when exposed to the environment. Dry hair thoroughly before you step out. Winter is when you can experiment with styles, like braids, in order to avoid excessive use of styling and heating products. Keep hair styles simple and hair protected.

Step into Hairsay Salon in Garden City Park and discuss what types of hair masks or treatments would suit you best this winter.

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