Top 5 Tips for Styling Fine, Limp Hair

Fine hair is easy to maintain, but can be challenging to style. It’s difficult to get the kind of big, dramatic hairdo that makes you look like a diva when you have limp strands to work with. Here are some ways you can style and care for your hair to create a crowning effect that is stunning!

Add volumizing products to your hair care routine. You should be using a volumizing shampoo that adds much needed bounce and volume to your hair. Follow up your hair wash with a conditioner especially formulated to add balance, body and volume to your hair.  Ask a hair stylist at a Garden City hair salon for conditioner recommendations.  Use conditioner properly. If you apply it on the scalp, it further flattens your hair, making it seem limp and lifeless. 

A volumizing mousse is a great way to add body to limp strands. Make your volumizing products even more effective by blow drying your hair. The heat from the dryer will activate the chemicals in your products that are needed to add body and volume to lifeless hair. So don’t skimp on the blow drying.  But blow dry properly. Use hot heat at medium speed. High speeds can make limp strands seem flyaway and unmanageable. Flip your hair upside down while blow drying – this old trick will make your hair seem voluminous without much effort. 

Use curlers, rolls, or plaits to add wave and curls to your hair. A long pony tail can look glamorous with a little bit of a wave to your hair. Curls can add volume to naturally limp hair, and curlers are a limp-haired girl’s best friend.

Avoid heavy layering of your hair. These kinds of styles can make hair seem finer at the ends. A one- layer cut is often flattering. Too many layers, and you run the risk of your hair looking sparse or choppy. That can give your face a harsh look.  Choose more flattering hair styles. You can experiment with bobs, pixies and other types of short hair dos, as long as the style adds texture to your hair. 

Color your hair to make it look fuller. Coloring, as a professional at any Long Island hair salon will tell you, actually thickens the hair by coating the hair shaft with the dye, making hair look fuller. Add bounce and body with the right shades and tones. Some tones can help your hair look fuller. Discuss a good hair color for your fine hair with a hair colorist at the best Long island hair salon. Ask your hair colorist about using contouring to make your hair look fuller. This technique uses both highlights and low lights to make your hair look naturally thicker. If you want to go blonde, ask your Long Island hair salon professional to use different shades of blonde to add more dimension and depth to your hair.    

So don’t cover that thin, flat hair under hats and scarves.  Style it with these tips and turn heads wherever you go!