Top 7 Hair Care Tips From the Best Long Island Hair Salons

Your genes play a big role in how voluminous your hair is, but there’s plenty you can do to get that gorgeous mane that you’ve always wanted. Professional stylists at the best Long Island hair salons have a few key pieces of advice for those who want to attain and maintain strong, healthy and lustrous tresses.

Style Tip # 1 

It’s often the most basic mistakes that leave hair damaged and frazzled. Washing your hair with hot water can be very damaging to your hair. It makes hair brittle and strips it of moisture, leaving you at risk of hair fall and breakage. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Style Tip # 2

Don’t wash your hair too often. This is a mistake that stylists at the best Long Island hair salons see far too often. Sometimes, just a thorough rinse can get sweat out of your hair post-workout, without an unnecessary shampoo that further strips your hair of essential oils and moisture.  Dry shampoo can be a life saver when your hair is sweaty or grimy. 

Style Tip # 3

Condition your hair after every shampoo, especially if you have naturally dry hair. Also condition correctly. Too many people use conditioner like shampoo, applying plenty of it on the scalp or near the roots where the conditioner doesn’t do anything, but drag hair down. Instead, apply the conditioner midway though the shaft and coat the strand right through to the tip. Leaving conditioner on for a few minutes also helps boost its efficacy.

Style Tip # 4

Use different hair brushes for different functions. Using the same brush for detangling wet hair and for styling is a no-no. There are different brushes for detangling long or wet hair, adding smoothness, reducing static and so on. Your hair care cabinet must include a variety of brushes including paddle brushes, round brushes, wet brushes and so on. If you need advice on the kind of brushes that you need to add to your routine, talk to a stylist at a Garden City salon.

Style Tip # 5

Be gentle with your hair. Don’t pull it back too tightly into a ponytail or bun every day. That can cause damage, including hair breakage and other problems. Besides, when you pull your hair too tight back, it can cause strain on the front line of hairs, possible leading to hair loss and a receding of the hair line.

Style Tip # 6

Dry gently. Avoid hard scrubbing with a towel. Use a soft towel or even an old t-shirt to dry your hair. Scrubbing and rubbing of wet hair causes friction, hair breakage, split ends and a host of other problems that can be difficult to rectify later. If you can bear the wait, air dry your hair naturally. 

Style Tip # 7

You wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but what do you do to protect your hair against the harsh and drying effects of the sun?  Use a hat or scarf when you are outdoors. Protect your hair from the sun as much as possible.

These tips will give you hair that is easily and effortlessly styled and looks healthy, lustrous and shiny!