Top Hair Trends for this Autumn

Now that we’ve officially left summer behind, there’s plenty to look forward to in hair styles. Summer can limit your choice of hair wear, but autumn is a whole different package. This autumn, the best hair salons on Long Island predict a variety of fun and cool hair trends from scrunchie buns for a casual look, to updos with polish.

Casual hair loosely tied at the nape of the neck with a scrunchie is a look that debuted a while back and is likely to be the way trendy New Yorkers wear their hair this autumn. Remember, you can dress up this look by using ultra-luxe scrunchies or choosing bright colors to dress up your basic outfit of jeans and a white shirt.

Another must- have hair accessory that can dress up any hair style is the humble head band. You can experiment with as many colors as you like, giving you a fresh new look every time.  Moreover, headbands don’t have to be restricted to casual day time looks. Look into velvet padded ones in deep orange or red for a stunning night effect.  This autumn is about affordable hair accessories that allow you to move effortlessly from day to night without too much fuss.

Curtain bangs are a great and versatile way to wear your hair without being restricted to traditional bangs. Wispy curtains will allow you to frame your face better, giving it a more feminine look. If you’re growing our hair out in time for the party season, the best Long island hair salons recommend growing out those front strands.

The topknot is not just for daring femmes. Thus autumn, we expect to see many women on Long Island wearing their hair in top knots for dramatic effect.  Those with curly hair that stubbornly refuses to stick to a style should definitely consider top knots for styles with more texture and impact.

Metallic claw clips are also in this autumn, with many women choosing to secure their hair at the back using these clips. Sleek updos are especially suited to the metallic claw clip as demonstrated by many celebrities recently. Low buns can also be secured using these clips, allowing you to breeze through autumn without worrying about your hair. Make sure you use your hair in the front to frame your face.

Autumn hair colors are also fun, and mix varying, and even contrasting shades. Take, for example, the ash brunette look that is a mix of light brown and cool blond shades. These are ideal colors for women with dark brown hair to consider. This autumn, hair salons in Garden City are also predicting the comeback of subtle ombre shades that complement the natural hair color. 

Honey blonde highlights are also expected to be back. Remember, however, that for your honey highlights to pop, these should be against a darker base tone. Ask your hair stylist at Hairsay Salon for these stunning highlights that turn heads.

Keep these trends in mind for a stylish autumn! View our services.