Spoiler Alert!  One of our favorite actresses from one of our favorite shows, just became the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen for real, by dying her hair platinum blonde!  This is a major departure from her natural warm brunette shade.  Now she is in full character for the epic HBO saga.  Emilia Clarke has made the transition into her Game of Thrones character in a very real way.  Talk about method acting!  Now she is in full character!  The Game of Thrones actress posted her new hue on  Instagram and we think it is quite fetching.  She looks natural as an ice blonde, but perhaps we are partial.

The stunning actress plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show.  Daenerys is a ravishing and tough character that is known for her regal strength as much as she is known for her exquisite beauty.  Her thick, long platinum hair with intricate braided styles is a big part of her overall beauty in an icy Rapunzel-esque way.  The signature iced hue took the Game of Thrones hair designer, Kevin Alexander, over two months to produce.  This signature look has inspired, along with the Disney movie Frozen, the icy blonde hues with the rainbow shades we see today as a big trend in hair color.

Here is Emilia Clarke with her new platinum hue: 

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